Future of Kotlin: Strategy and tactics

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A successful project usually grows, and Kotlin is no exception. We are adding new targets (JavaScript and Native) and new computation models (coroutines). This talk is about our vision of the future of Kotlin as a language and an ecosystem. We'll talk strategy: what we think our industry needs at large and how we are going to fit Kotlin into this picture. We'll talk tactics: how we deal with legacy and compatibility issues, and whether there will ever be Kotlin 2.0. We'll talk operations: can we do “continuous delivery” for language features? Or, more generally, how agile can language development be?

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Andrey Breslav

Andrey Breslav has been leading design and development of the Kotlin Porgamming Language at JetBrains since 2010 when the project started. He often presents as a speaker at large software conferences and contributes to the Kotlin blog.