Scalability in distributed in-memory systems

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Platforms for distributed in-memory computing such as Apache Ignite rely on horizontal scaling. The bigger the cluster is, the bigger profit you get. Does adding a second machine double the performance? Does adding ten more give you and order of magnitude change? Is it always this way? What is the responsibility of a framework, and what is responsilbility of a developer?

In this talk we'll examine the most important compromises and contradictions that arise while designing applications with the in-memory systems:

  • Pros and cons of different sharding techniques
  • Data model adaptation for effective work in a cluster
  • Problems of synchronization and coordination in distributed systems

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Vladimir Ozerov
GridGain Systems

Vladimir is an architect of GridGain company, a committer and PMC member of an open source project Apache Ignite. He is now working on SQL engine development, distributed computing questions, caching and replication, and .NET/C++ integration.