Java Annotations Are a Big Mistake

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Annotations were introduced in Java 5, and we all got excited. Such a great instrument to make code shorter! No more Hibernate/Spring XML configuration files! Just annotations, right there in the code where we need them. No more marker interfaces, just a runtime-retained reflection-discoverable annotation! Egor was excited, too. Moreover, he has made a few open source libraries which use annotations heavily. Take jcabi-aspects, for example. However, Egor is not excited anymore. Moreover, he believes that annotations are a big mistake in Java design.

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Yegor Bugayenko

Yegor is a CTO at, a software development company with an extremely distributed working model; a VC at; a regular blogger at; author of Elegant Objects book; a proud holder of PMP and OCMEA certifications; a hands-on Java developer and a lead architect of and Yegor lives in Palo Alto, CA and Kyiv, Ukraine.