Development of modern distributed systems: problems and solutions

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In this talk Mikhail will use the example of Single Frontal System and its technological stack to talk about:

  • Architecture that’s designed to be safe and robust
  • Adaptation of the microservices architecture and what place does platform development take in it
  • Techincal means to achieve multichannel banking
  • Intrsumental means to reduce time to market
  • Approach to QA
  • Means to deplos without downtime
  • Strategy of a whole highload system replacement without downtime
  • Means of abstration from the IT landscape of a target organization

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Michael Peresypkin
Michael Peresypkin

MSU Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics graduate with more than 17 years of experience in software developing and integration. Has occupied positions ranging from programmer to system architect. An expert in the automation in the financial sector and telecommunications. Currently he leads the development of the Single Frontal System platform core.