Application Performance Monitoring: comparison, issues and solutions

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There are many ways to find out why your apps run slowly. For example, you may log execution time of potentially risky methods. Or you can try to acquire and analyze thread dumps from the production environment to discover what the application is spending the most time on. But what about more affordable and simple way to do it (if any)? Here, it is time to think about special solutions falling into Application Performance Monitoring (APM) category. As vendors promise, APMs will unveil what is going under the hood and where application's bottlenecks are. The only way to learn the truth is to try out. Based on the “real life” experience from different APM projects we are going to compare the benefit of APM solutions with the classical, standard utilities available in the field such as a thread dumps and logs.

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Yaroslav Kiselev
Yaroslav Kiselev

Performance engineer at CROC. Troubleshoots applications in production and develops tools for performance monitoring.